Best Homestay in Latpanchar

Namaste Latpanchar

Eco-tourism and Homestay is the place where you can comfort yourself as home. The homestay runner Mr. Prasad Rai and his wife Mrs. Neepa Rai welcome you to explore Latpanchar’s nature and its biodiversity. The Homestay is located near Cinchona Godown, Latpanchar. Experience the delightful Rai (community) hospitality by staying as a guest with the family. The rooms are simple, comfy, and cozy. Guests can also enjoy the delicious cuisine (local-foods). More adventurous visitors can leave to undertake a trek, bird watching, remote site walk and so on.

Paradise in Isolation

Latpanchar Village

Not many of you have heard about the place named Latpanchar, the place where you can get stunning views of nature, animals and birds. Cloaked in the scenic beauty, Latpanchar is the dream location for weekend gateways. Perfectly wrapped in the lap of Mahananda sanctuary, the place is best for adventure and relaxation.Winding dusty roads in the extreme corner of Darjeeling enveloped in the mist, timber woods, extensive Cinchona plantation (medicinal plant) and beautiful birds teetering arou nd wi II definitely make you feel in heaven. The idyll ic village of Latpanchar is located less than 60 minutes’ drive from Siliguri. The place is an ideal retreat for anyone who would like to experience a sampling of traditional Nepali village life of Darjeeling.

Weather in Latpanchar

  • January To April -10 to 16 celcius
  • May To August 5 to 22 celcius
  • September To December -9 to 19 celcius
  • Average Rainfall 223.94 mm(Approx.)
October to April is the best time to visit Latpanchar.

Best Homestay in Latpanchar

Wild Life Of Latpanchar

Latpanchar is part of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary which is well known for its wide range of animals and birds. There are some 36 types of animals and over 240 species of birds which can be spotted here.

Mammals: Most common animals include Himalayan black bear, leopards, deer (including barking deer), mountain goats, monkeys, wild boars, and even elephants which often drift to this side. In order to see the most exotic animals, you will need to go to the core area of the sanctuary which is about 6kms walk from the village. You should always take an armed guide with you. The lodge can arrange for the guide. Most tourists visit the stretch of forest area between the Forest Rest House and Raja Rani Hill.
Birds: Latpanchar is the home to a unique bird known as Rufous necked Hornbill. The commonly seen ones include yuhina, scaly thrush, woodpeckers, black bulbuls, ashy backed shrike, spotted eagles, magpie, minivets, minla, drongo, King Fishers, Robins and if you are lucky, Himalayan Pied hornbills.
Reptiles and amphibians: Latpanchar is also the home to Salamander (a newt-like amphibian that typically has bright markings, once thought able to endure fire).

Getting There

How To Reach

Latpanchar by Flight

The nearest Airport is Bagdogra which is approximately 50kms from Latpanchar.

Latpanchar by Bus

Latpanchar is connected to Siliguri,Darjeeling, Sikkim, Kalimpong by road.

Latpanchar by Train

The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Railway station.